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Traffic jams! How do you deal with them?

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Does your commute to work ruin your day?

I visit Portland  a few times a year and I really like that beautiful city, but the traffic is just, UGH!  When I visit Portland I feel as if I have a little more patience, but I couldn’t imagine waiting in traffic more the 15 minutes, let alone 1-2 hours every day. I don’t know how residents of the Portland metro area, population 2.2 million deal with traffic stress.

Traffic View Southgate Pendleton, Oregon 8/18/2011

I live in Pendleton, Oregon where the streets are smooth sailing and traffic jams, well… I don’t’ think they have a definition for traffic jams out here.  Now, before you get on me about small towns, we have a STARBUCKS.  Pendleton’s population is around 16,500 people and I understand, more people = more traffic.

What is your experience with traffic jams, how do you deal with them?    

I have read studies on traffic congestion, traffic jams, ROAD RAGE and I was wondering how you deal with traffic.  It’s an experience I really don’t know anything about.