I grew in the small town of Heppner, Oregon pop: 1,300 .  I was raised in a family of six, one brother two sisters, mom and dad. I grew up playing football, baseball, basketball, track field, fishing and hunting big game. Graduated Heppner High in 1996 then went on to attend Walla Walla Community College and Blue Mountain community College in Pendleton, Oregon. While attending college I worked as a firefighter for the United States Forest Service Heppner Ranger District and a line cook for Wendy’s food chain . After College in 1999 I started working at Rapid Print (print shop) in Pendleton, Oregon. I have run Rapid Print since 2001 and recently received my Real Estate Lisence and work as a broker for Sykes Real Estate in Pendleton, Oregon.  In 2009 I married my wife Breana. I run  pendletonproperties.net   Check it out!   It’s easy and free!  Follow me on TWITTER @pendpropertys

I work at using all the tools available to help you buy or sell your home.

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Chris Sykes

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6 responses to “About

  1. Hi Chris: I’m not sure if it was you personally, but Pendleton Propertys just subscribed to my blog (Petchary’s Blog) – I live in Kingston, Jamaica! The amazing thing is that I have visited and stayed in Pendleton, several years ago while on a training program with the US State Department (I work at the US Embassy in Kingston). Our visit to Pendleton – it was gorgeous hot July weather – was really for me the most memorable part of our visit. We stayed at the Red Lion, which was great with a wonderful view of the hills; we visited the casino and Native American cultural center which was amazing, and we did a tour of the underground place where the Chinese railway workers lived, and the old brothel! It was fascinating, and SO friendly. So, THANKS for subscribing, and I am sending my love all the way from my rainy tropical island to you in beautiful Oregon! Hope to come back one day! (It’s a small world isn’t it!) Best wishes, Emma Lewis

    • Hi Emma, that is amazing! I live near the Red Lion and run up and down those hills for exercise. I’m on the Pendleton Under Tour board and my office is on that block. I love it! I don’t know you, but feel a real connection lol funny! If you ever come through Pendleton again please call or email me and ‘llI show you around. I also love to cook new foods, if you have a Jamaican recipe, I would love to try one out. Please stay in touch. Chris Sykes

  2. How wonderful! You have made me really want to go back there now. Pendleton is a unique, extraordinary town – yes, it’s small but it has so much to offer. We also did a tour of the blanket factory, wonderful products. I will definitely be in touch if we are near Pendleton again – if we revisit Oregon (which I hope to) I would love to go back again. OK, I will find a Jamaican recipe to send you in my next post! Yes, I will keep in touch! PS My husband is always interested in real estate, and wants to get an idea of property prices in Pendleton. How much does a 2/3 bedroom house cost on average? All the best. Emma Lewis

    • Hi Emma, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I’ve been really busy. Right now it’s Round-Up week in Pendleton, so it’s crazy. Average home price in Pendleton for a 2-3 bedroom is $187,000. I just took all the houses 2-3 bedrooms $100,000 – $299,000 and ran the average. I’m waiting for that recipe!!!! See ya. Chris

  3. I noticed that you subscribed to my blog called “Living On The Streets.” Can I ask what drew you to it? It is just that the homeless in America is usually not a subject that people want to think about.

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