Traffic jams! How do you deal with them?

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Does your commute to work ruin your day?

I visit Portland  a few times a year and I really like that beautiful city, but the traffic is just, UGH!  When I visit Portland I feel as if I have a little more patience, but I couldn’t imagine waiting in traffic more the 15 minutes, let alone 1-2 hours every day. I don’t know how residents of the Portland metro area, population 2.2 million deal with traffic stress.

Traffic View Southgate Pendleton, Oregon 8/18/2011

I live in Pendleton, Oregon where the streets are smooth sailing and traffic jams, well… I don’t’ think they have a definition for traffic jams out here.  Now, before you get on me about small towns, we have a STARBUCKS.  Pendleton’s population is around 16,500 people and I understand, more people = more traffic.

What is your experience with traffic jams, how do you deal with them?    

I have read studies on traffic congestion, traffic jams, ROAD RAGE and I was wondering how you deal with traffic.  It’s an experience I really don’t know anything about.

10 responses to “Traffic jams! How do you deal with them?

  1. citizenwells

    Thanks for the “Like” on my article on Hurricane Irene’s path. I have been to Oregon many times, ran in the Hood to Coast Run, Run down Mt. Hood & even driven by Pendleton. Never made it to the rodeo but would like to.
    Best wishes.

    • I’ve always wanted to run Hood to Coast. I’m running the warrior dash next weekend. I know it’s not similar but it should be fun. Rodeo has been here 101 years probably be another 100 so you might be able to make it 🙂 Thanks for comments!


  2. beckyspringer

    I lived in Virginia Beach for 4 years – traffic hell. They had one bridge-tunnel that goes underwater (one lane both ways) connecting the penninsula to Norfolk. For some reason, even though the speed limit was 55, everyone slowed down to about 35 to get through this bridge. It drove me nuts and my morning commute that should’ve taken 20 minutes, took an hour and a half. I don’t think I ever reached the point of all-out roadrage, but I did get quite frustrated and was always a little pissy when I got to work. I now live in quiet northwestern Illniois. No traffic. Much happier :).

    • I googled it and I see what you were talking about. That bridge is under water? I like how you said, “I don’t think I ever reached the point of ALL-OUT roadrage.” Maybe you were also in an ALL-OUT blind rage blackout at the same time? I took some creative license with the ALL-OUT part. I’ve been to Illinois. My friends and I got lost in east St. Louis coming out of the airport and I was sure we were dead. It was funny because, we went from scared to death to lovely country side in 30 mins LOL. I didn’t realize how flat it is out there. I also liked the name of the different towns, Fredsville, Tomsville and any other name you can put ville in front of! Thanks for your comments, you’re very funny. Have a good one and keep your ALL-OUT’s to minimum.
      Chris Sykes

  3. I’m from L.A. and the traffic is terrible around the clock, seven days a week, no matter where you are going. I live in Hollywood, which makes it even worse. Traffic through Hollywood, especially during tourist season is atrocious. I don’t drive anymore, but I can tell it affects my wife. What is the housing market like in Pendleton? How far are you from Portland? Are there quality jobs available (that is, provide health insurance and other benefits)?

    • Hi Russell, I don’t know how you guys do it. Thank you for reading my post, I really wanted to know how it effects people. It’s something that I don’t have to deal with very often and especially when I need to be somewhere. Housing market is good, Pendleton is pretty laid back, nice place to live. We are about 3 hours from Portland. Good jobs are always opening up in Pendleton with health insurance and benefits. Even though I’m not looking for a job I keep my eyes and ears open. I just like to know what’s going on. Thanks for taking the time to comment, very cool. Chris

  4. I drive for work a LOT in Los Angeles. Traffic here is horrible much of the time but luckily for me I have a flexible schedule so if I have to sit in traffic in the morning, I can usually take off early that day… and that makes the gridlock more bearable. I’m also a singer and sometimes I use the time in traffic to work on my bands set lists, practice songs, even write new songs. 🙂

    • I was going to say how much a waste of time I thought traffics jams were, but it looks like you make good use of them! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and comment. I guess you could be in your car, stuck in traffic and have the time. Thank you. Chris

  5. I grew up in Atlanta, where the traffic is pretty bad. I’d say its a lot like LA… takes about an hour to get anywhere. And, I accepted that because I didn’t know any different…

    Then, I moved to Austin, TX, where there is light traffic. I realized how fast-paced traffic makes your lifestyle and mindset. When it takes an hour to get somewhere, you are always in a hurry. I’m never in a hurry anymore.

    Currently, I’m traveling around through different parts of California by RV and towing our sedan, and I find San Fran to have the worst traffic (w/ the car, not the RV). San Fran is so small, yet it takes forever to get anywhere, like an hour- or longer from some parts. The roads are bad and you are surrounded by tall buildings, with no open spaces, and everything looks very similar no matter what road you are on, so you feel like you are in a maze.. this bothers me. Everything looks the same, so its never-ending. I always cant wait to get out of the car.

    My fiance` does all the driving, and he becomes agitated when we drive places, which causes me to be stressed. This has a lot to do with the traffic. I try to stay positive, but it starts getting to me, and we tend to bicker in the car. Taking public transportation alleviates this completely, but its not always possible for us.

    Traffic’s just an annoying time-waster. What could be worse? Maybe grocery shopping. Not a fan of that! 🙂

    Too bad all US cities don’t have awesome transportation! It would really be fascinating to see how better transportation would improve our everyday life!

    • That’s what I’m looking for. I can feel the emotion in your words. I couldn’t imagine all the stress of normal life, then you add traffic jams. You gave me a clear picture of what traffic can do to a traveling couple, thanks for commenting.

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