Top 10 Things to do in Pendleton Oregon Part III

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Pendleton Underground Tours “Comes To Life
To find out more about this special once a year tour CLICK HERE.

Our History

The Pendleton Underground Tours office is located in Pendleton’s Historic District, on the corner of SW 1st Street and Emigrant Avenue. The buildings that house the tours are: the Empire Building, 1907, The Hendricks Building, 1897 and the Empire Meat Company, 1895.

All properties are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Pendleton Underground Tours’ properties are in what was once the red light district of Pendleton. The buildings on the tour have been maintained, true to the original state, allowing the visitor to see the sidewalks and basalt-rock tunnels the way they were constructed pre 1890’s. This special authenticity adds to their uniqueness, making the tours what they are today.


Pendleton Underground Tours ( P.U.T.) is a non-profit corporation that started in 1989, giving tours of Pendleton’s red light district. The tour was very controversial because part of the subject matter is about gambling, the Chinese, bootlegging and prostitution. In 1990, after opening the “Cozy Rooms” bordello, Chinese jails and the Opium Den, the tour became even more questionable. The history of legal and illegal businesses operating in the same area for over 100 years makes the tour unique and like no other tour anywhere. The history of the Chinese in Eastern Oregon and their role in building the west is also unique. The tour is entertaining and interesting to all ages from 6 years old to 95 years old there is something for every member of the family.

P.U.T. is coming up on its 15th year anniversary and is still going strong. It has become Eastern Oregon’s #1 year around tourist attraction. A tour that people once questioned, has now been featured on television and radio shows around the world. The great success and popularity of P.U.T. is the wonderful well-trained and educated Historians who guide tourists back in time to learn history that isn’t taught in school, but was very much a part of the early west and the lives of our ancestors. Nothing is artificial or fabricated. Experience the Real Old West at the Pendleton Underground Tours.

You’ll learn history that no one wanted to talk about.


Pendleton Underground Tours is open year round
Tour availability and office hours vary with seasons
Must call ahead for current schedule
Reservations need in advance with a visa or mastercard

Call: 541-276-0730

(easy walking but many stairs)

Tours start in our gift shop at 31 S.W. Emigrant Ave
Tours are guided and take approximately 90 min
Cost is $15.00 per person (no discounts)


Silence phones
No videos
Camera with flash ok
No restrooms on tour
Stay with guide no lingering
Tell guide if you need to leave tour
Please do not touch anything
Sit on benches only
Disruptive children and adults will be asked to control themselves or leave the tour
Water and soft drinks ok
Dress for weather outside
Wear comfortable walking shoes
Relax and have fun!

Be sure to make your reservations for Pendleton Underground Tours
once-a-year special event Underground “Comes to Life!”
CLICK HERE for more information.

Please call us for more information at:(541) 276-0730


The Working Girls Hotel (W.G. Hotel) is owned and operated by Pendleton Underground Tours. In 1991, people on the tour would ask if any of Pendleton’s 18 bordellos were stillopen? The tourists thought it would be fun to stay in one. Pam Severe restored and opened the W.G. Hotel in 1991, in one of Pendleton’s old boarding houses (bordello) built in the late 1890’s. Pendleton Underground Tours acquired the hotel in 1997.

The Hotel has a suite and 4 other sleeping rooms all furnished in Victorian decor. Each room is unique. Hard wood floors, 18 foot ceilings and exposed brick walls make you feel as though you have stepped back in time, only with the luxuries of the 21st century. Air conditioning for the summer and a warm fireplace in the winter time. Extra large bathrooms, plus a full kitchen and dining room for all W.G. Hotel guests to enjoy. (Sorry no children allowed because of the antiques and the layout of the facility.)

? Located in Pendleton’s Historical District

? 4 doors down from the Pendleton Underground Tours Office

? Walking distance to restaurants, shops, movie theater, museums,
the Umatilla River Walk Way, ice skating (in the winter), and much more.

? Rates are $75 to $95 depending on the season and room. Advanced reservations are required.

? Sorry, no children or pets allowed.

? Another Real West Experience!

Call (541) 276-0730 for reservations and more information.

Online Tour


It isn’t just a gift shop. Antiques, artifacts and animal mounts let you experience the feeling of an old-fashioned mercantile. Horehound candy and 10 cent candy sticks are available. Horseshoe puzzles, Real West T-shirts and Pendleton memorabilia are plentiful

as well.

After the tour when we’ve really wet your appetite for local history you can buy some of the most interesting history books written about the west.

For example, “More on the Pendleton Underground” a recently published souvenir book by Pam Severe and Lon Thornburg. This paperback gives even more details, history and information on the Pendleton Underground Tours. It is available for $7.00 at the store or we can mail one to you for an additional $3.50 for postage and handling.

There’s something for everyone to help remember their visit to Pendleton and its world famous Underground Tour.

Please feel free to call us
for more information at:
(541) 276-0730

Please feel free to call us weekdays at : (541) 276-0730

Our Address is:

Pendleton Underground Tours:
37 S.W. Emigrant Ave.
Pendleton OR 97801


If you are traveling East or West to Pendleton, Oregon, on I-84 take exit 210,
follow the city center signs to the rail road tracks,
go two blocks to the second street light (Emigrant Avenue) and turn left.
PUT is at the end of the block on S.W. 1st Street and Emigrant Avenue.

If traveling on Highway 11 from Walla Walla, Washington,
follow the city center signs to Main Street then turn left and go two blocks to Emigrant Avenue and turn right. PUT is at the end of the block on S.W. 1st Street and Emigrant Avenue on the North side.

The Working Girls Hotel is located at 17 S.W. Emigrant just a few doors down from the PUT office.


6)  Wild Horse casino and resort

Test your luck at the Wildhorse Resort & Casino on the nearby Umatilla Reservation

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